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Our Advantage

We aren’t your grandpa’s fuel card

We truly believe in helping you save the most money on fuel expenses—not sending you to fuel stops where we make the most money. Other fuel cards tout discounts at the pump and claim to save you the most money, but you will find they typically send you to the same fuel stops every time. Why? Because most companies negotiate discounts and only pass along a small portion of the savings to their customers, keeping the rest for themselves, which means you save less and they make more.

At FuelStream, we do things differently

We negotiate a flat rate with our partners and pass along more savings to you. By putting you first, we are on a mission to change the trucking industry by leveling the playing field.

The Tech

Take a Look under the hood

You spend most of your time on the road, so we put the power of a fuel planner in the palm of your hand. Our mobile app shows you the best fuel prices along your route. The other guys say they can do the same thing, but here’s a secret: they either use another company’s app or their app will only show you the fuel stops where they want you to stop and fuel up—not always where fuel is the cheapest. We put you in the driver’s seat with our app, we listen to your feedback and update our app with your recommendations.


Unlock some serious savings

When you combine our fuel card with our mobile app, you can unlock some serious savings. Our fuel card uses the nationwide EFS network, so you can use it at over 12,000 fuel stations. And since our card is pre-paid, you have complete control over your spending. At FuelStream, we also provide peace of mind with our customized security options. You can quickly lock down your card to prevent fraud if it is ever lost or stolen. And finally, as your business grows you can always order additional cards at no additional cost.